Happy Mother Effin’ B-Day Day!

•21 February 2009 • 1 Comment

50 BELLS!!!!


An Apology to Our Adoring Fan

•10 February 2009 • 1 Comment

Kate and I have been entirely absent for sometime, and for that I apologize.  Kate is back in school and has an enormous reading load these days.  She is loving her classes and that is just great.  She apparently has a class with, amongst others, an Ubuntu fan/relative of one of their developers.  Ubuntu is a Debian linux based OS that I am particularly fond of, so that is pretty nifty.  Kate’s job search is slow but going, with most all of it taking place online.  The economy, of course, does not have it in the cards for her.  On the side of great news, however, Kate did not have to pay a dime for school this semester, as she was unknowingly awarded additional scholarships and grants at the 11th-hour.  $4300 gets to stay in the bank.

I am doing just fine at work.  As I may have mentioned here, I am now working with a new laptop here at Columbia.  I traded way up from a very out of date Dell to a year old MacBook Pro.  My computer OS of preference is of course Linux, but as the business world is in Windows, I’m glad I get to at least move away from it.  Mac are becoming more popular in the business school, so I am devoting myself to working with the Mac OSX to become as familiar with it as possible.  At least at work.  In addition, I have been working with the admissions office at Fordham to get all of my paperwork squared away.  I am feeling good about my acceptance, but sadly, not about my chances of being ABLE to attend.  Most English MA’s I have looked at (Fordham included, I believe), require a full time commitment.  I would not be able to work at the same time I attend school.  If this is the case, I can hardly see how I will be able to go to school so long as Kate is in and make ends meet.  I need to look into it SOON, but I can scarcely find the time.  More on that as I find out.  I suppose the worst case will be my having to continue working until Kate gets her BA, after which she cant try to support me through school.

Kate and I are trying to plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains in June.  Should all go well, it will be a much apreciated reprieve from the city.

I know I must have more to tell, but I am working and the topics escape me.  If it is of any interest, I have been reading The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy which may be my second favorite of his.  It is the 5th novel of McCarthy’s I have read to date.  In the non-fiction/philosophy world, Kate has endeared me to a Slovanian philisopher and cultural theorist by the name of Slavoj Žižek.


P.S. – I’m on Facebook after about 2 years away.

Eastern Procession # 12

•18 January 2009 • 2 Comments

‘Ello ever’body.  Here’s the long awaited #12 for you to digest whilest Kate jets off to visit her family in Frankston and Cody lives alone for the first time in nearly two years!!!

Very Late Update

•7 January 2009 • 1 Comment

Obviously, plans to keep the podcast regular have never been fulfilled, but the winter break has been crazy.  My mom’s visit was not great and we have had a falling out, but that is a personal matter which I do not wish to divulge here.  (Additionally, should anyone want to talk to me privately, rather than defame me on this blog with their, I’m sure, complete account of what happened, they can do so by email.  I have deleted the rude comment left on the previous post because while it may have a place, it is not on a public blog)

After my mom’s visit, our friends came to town, which was nice, with the exceptions of being hit by a rather nasty illness which hit on their 3rd day here.  I have only just gotten better and Kate is still suffering.  We will do a podcast as soon as we can.

Hope everyone is well,


EDIT:  The poster has posted twice more rather than have an adult conversation with me via email, so I have blocked him/her.  Please vent your aggravation at me in a more useful manner than writing comments that I will quickly delete.

The Second Most Holy of High Holy Days

•25 December 2008 • 2 Comments

Today Cody’s Mom, Cody, and I will all be celebrating the Jewish Christmas.  This will involve Chinese food and a movie.  This may be my favorite holiday of all time because of the aforementioned film, and the trip to Chinatown.

We will be seeing The Reader, Milk, or Doubt. We will review which one or possibly two we take in.

I hope everyone else has a good, albeit far less awesome, December 25th.

The Most Holy of High Holy Days

•22 December 2008 • 1 Comment

That’s tomorrow, buddies.  Happy early Festivus for the rest of us.  You will be happy to know that our apartment is equipped with two built-in Festivus poles, which conveniently enough, double a heating sources.


Vodcast 2 issue

•22 December 2008 • Leave a Comment

Hey all,
We recorded vodcast two last night, but it is too large for our upload server. I will need to split it in two and upload it. Hope to do that tonight.