The Absent Minded Kate

Remember when I said that I experience lucid dreaming a lot?  Well I am also the most absent minded person I know.  I forget everything.  I take a shower and forget to wash my hair. I forget to put the butter up when I miraculously remembered to put it on my toast.  I forget my big red water bottle.  I forget to charge [insert electronic device].  I forget to call.  I forget to eat. I forget where I am walking or what I am doing.  I can’t focus for very long on anything, and I rarely notice much that is around me.  It’s the mind thing, I get so engrossed in my inner world that I lose track of everything else.

I don’t mind.  I feel that everything now is about efficiency and streamlined organization that there is really low tolerance for the absent minded.  I feel you all my fellow distracted, forgetful freaks. Don’t change a thing, enough people live compartmentalized lives already.



~ by beankat on 5 May 2009.

4 Responses to “The Absent Minded Kate”

  1. You think you’re bad? My short-term memory is so far off the charts I’ll forget something someone says within mere seconds. Especially with names and titles of things… just POOF! Gone.

  2. Dude you should see how Cody turns into a lady, with his nagging, when I repeatedly fail his spontaneous “What did I just say” quizzes. Does that make any sense? That sentence there? I don’t know why, but it is still so early and I am dog tired and I am not making any sense to myself.

  3. I really hope nobody does that to me. I’d fail so hard…

  4. Kids kids kids… where have you gone to?? I miss hearing your banter.

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