The State of Things to Come

Greetings and salutations, oh neglected hordes.  I has been many a day since we acknowledged our continued existence to your proud, you few, but AVAST, we be here.

Yes, it’s truth, we be here.

Enough of that.  Well, Spring is finally upon us here in NYC and it has been a warm couple of days.  How warm?  Well, less than a week ago I worn a light coat and gloves on the ride to work, and today, I’ve donned shorts, a t-shirt and a hair tie (to keep my neck cool).  This of course brings people out in droves, and with a city of 8 & 1/4 million, that means many-a-jackass.

I suppose you could say a good deal has transpired in the last month, at least in the way of our plans for the future.  Kate has made some interesting decisions on late, thanks in no small portion to our little ol’ excursion in Yankee-land.  [EDIT: Portion omitted for PERSEC reasons]  She has spent a great deal of time in the study of homesteading.  This prospect has me quite excited.  I’m sure she would be thrilled to answer any questions you might have about the whole thing.  Chat her up via email.

I too have been thinking about what I would like to do.  As I have let many of you know, I am now leaning a good deal away from graduate work in English.  As much as this pains me at times, lover of literature that I am, I am ever drawn to a more practical trade.  I feel the days of such a trade are numbered, and are certain to keep me always at a troublesome balance.  I have never been one to worry over the funds I am pulling in, but neither am I one to enslave myself to a company/career.  In the pursuit of something enormously more useful, I will be applying for the Spring 2010 semester as a post-bac student to take somewhere around 25 hours of sciences, to be followed by a stab at the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).  I know I can enjoy, perhaps love, the field and be of use any number of scenarios.  A note: all of these decisions have been made without my having received either yeas or nays from the graduate school to which I have applied.

What they do follow, however, is a reexamination of my roots.  Kate’s foray into homesteading has coincided with my own renewed interest in survivalism/preparedness.  While I will forever be a devotee of the arts, I plan to find a more substantial mode of living.  This includes a great many changes in my life, not all to be divulged here.

For the above reasons, as well as a few more particular, perhaps even more personal, Kate will be leaving Eugene Lang at the end of this semester.  Kate and I had such a great drive to come to Manhattan, but at just over 8 months, we have decided to return to, as it were, greener pastures.  Specifically, those of Texas.  Indeed, there is even a time frame.  In just about 5 months, Kate and I will leave the big, brilliant, unstable (or at least unsustainable) city for home.  Our destination will, of course, be dependent upon college acceptances, but thus far we have decided to try from TSU in San Marcos or Texas A&M in Bryan-Coillege Station.  We will likely know very little before leaving NYC, so the plan as of now has us heading to Frankston to Kate’s grandparents to sort things out.  The good news, of course, is that while the move up here was a good deal easier that you might imagine, the move back will likely be even better.  NYC income goes a bit further in Texas than the other way around.

I know I must be missing something, but I believe I will wrap for now.  If you have any concerns, please let me know.  And for those of you looking forward to our triumphant return, we love you too.


p.s. – we have an excursion planned to the Lone Star in July (btw. the 8th and the 21st).  More of this too come.

p.p.s. – If you are looking for a fine read, check out Independent People by Nobel-prize winning author, Halldor Laxness


~ by beankat on 26 April 2009.

4 Responses to “The State of Things to Come”


    ahem…. I mean yay.



  3. Wow, we have to talk! Christina and I are actually doing urban agriculture here in Houston. We even have half and acre to start our own farm on. I am glad you all will be so much closer! Give us a call some time, we would like to hear from you guys and share our experiences in the urban farm scene here in H-Town. So much to share! Talk to y’all soon.

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