Katelyn’s Birthday

My Birthday is in the Month of March.  Which day is irrelevant, what matters is that the birthday money rollith in.   I began shopping last weekend, which by the way I hate. Getting money is really more a headache than getting gifts, but it is much more practical.

I love cooking, but baking is a passion.  Nothing is more calming than digging my hands into a nice dough.  Making muffins and bread; cakes and cobbler yummm… Plus, it is more fun to feed people sweets and breads.  The nourishment is more satisfying.

So, I went and got myself lots of kitchen things

Mixing bowls are the BEST. One cant have too many mixing bowls

Mixing bowls are the BEST. One can't have too many mixing bowls

Tiny bowls for making sauces.

Tiny bowls for making sauces.

See that brown board in the background?? That is our new cutting board. It’s MASSIVE!

Loaf pan that has already been used to make a casserole!

Brownie/Cake pan.  These are great.

Brownie/Cake pan. These are great.

I recommend everyone get one.  You can make anything your heart desires in these babies.  Since I have limited space I get a large one and then use foil to divide it when I need a smaller sized pan.  I am also cheap, so this one pan replaces 6 different pans.

My first whisk!

My first whisk!

Did I mention I am cheap?? Until I started baking more I couldn’t bring myself to spend $12 on a whisk.  Scrambled eggs? fork! Need to whip peaks from egg whites… ummm. Not fun to do with forks.

Rubber Spatulas

Rubber Spatulas

Gift from grandmother.  Remember when I said I was cheap? Well I informed her that I need not for rubber spatulas because I have fingers. These arrived in the mail a week later.

Yup, canisters for flour and sugar. Happy Birthday to me!

Gift from Cody. My favorite way to make Guacamole!

Do I look tired? Cody is awful at taking flattering pics.  We went to the American Folk Art Museum. So great!

Noticed that every pic of cody has him messing with something techy? Well I have.

I haven’t gotten my gift from Cody yet, but I can’t wait. It is kitchen related too.  This Saturday we are going to do more birthday things so I will put up pics of that too.

Also, This Friday we will be entertaining one of cody’s work friends so I will try and record my preperations.  Do you love food?  How about cobbler?  Want me to show you how to make an easy strawberry Cobbler?  Well stick with me and lets get chubby together.


~ by beankat on 19 March 2009.

One Response to “Katelyn’s Birthday”

  1. Cody got me the Hope Diamond for my birthday. Beat that.

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