Today is a Snow Day (Almost)

So, last night, we got some snow on the low end of the projection.  That’s about 6 inches in the Bronx I call home.  Kate and I were up at 6, as Monday’s are early days for us.  One of my collegues called last night to ask if I could make it in at 8 for him.  Yeah, sure, and why did I answer the phone at 2300?

Anyways, up at 6 to look out at the snow. called a snow day for all public school early, so we checked our respective schools.  Nothing reported by or at of 630.  Shame.  We got ready and Kate headed out the door at 655, having checked her mail twice to make sure she needed to go.

Out the door she heads, only to return 3 minutes later, having forgotten her Metrocard at home.  Well, since she’s back home, why not check the mail again (mind you, just 4 minutes since last checking it).  Whadda ya know, school cancellation email at the zero friggin’ hour.  I check email, nothing.  I check, nothing.  I call the boss, no answer.  And out the door I oh-so-merrily go.

No delay’s on the train for me, so I am 30 minutes early to open, and I take my time getting setup.  Charles calls me to ask why I called and he says that he has been told that in 10 year, Columbia has not taken a day on account of snow.  Stubborn folk!

My “dog”, through the hand of Kate, sent me an email of her playing in the snow (perhaps her favorite of all activities) and then warming up inside.  You can take a look at the album here or on my Facebook page.

So I am at work, and at of 835, I have spoke to one student, who needed only to drop of his loaner laptop.

Here is the high point of the day so far, an absolutely gorgeous picture of the Alma Mater in front of the Low Library in the middle of campus.

Alma Mater on 030209

Au Revoir,



~ by beankat on 2 March 2009.

One Response to “Today is a Snow Day (Almost)”

  1. Wow. I’m kind of jealous. It’s just slightly nippy here and I’ve got a perfectly good jacket I never get to wear.

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