Very Late Update

Obviously, plans to keep the podcast regular have never been fulfilled, but the winter break has been crazy.  My mom’s visit was not great and we have had a falling out, but that is a personal matter which I do not wish to divulge here.  (Additionally, should anyone want to talk to me privately, rather than defame me on this blog with their, I’m sure, complete account of what happened, they can do so by email.  I have deleted the rude comment left on the previous post because while it may have a place, it is not on a public blog)

After my mom’s visit, our friends came to town, which was nice, with the exceptions of being hit by a rather nasty illness which hit on their 3rd day here.  I have only just gotten better and Kate is still suffering.  We will do a podcast as soon as we can.

Hope everyone is well,


EDIT:  The poster has posted twice more rather than have an adult conversation with me via email, so I have blocked him/her.  Please vent your aggravation at me in a more useful manner than writing comments that I will quickly delete.


~ by beankat on 7 January 2009.

One Response to “Very Late Update”

  1. No podcast? Again?

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