A Discussion on the Literary Qualities of Science Fiction

Though I might like to weigh in on this later, for the time being, I would simply like to give regards to a very well structured argument against a recent publication by Benjamin Kunkel (http://dissentmagazine.org/article/?article=1308). In it, Kunkel argues against the possibility of literary science fiction (something some of you may know as a passion of mine). His arguments, while well identified, ultimately struggle in the disagreement of genre versus Genre, in which the former refers to something within literature and the latter something outside of it. This comparison comes directly from Kunkel’s article.
The aforementioned post on the blog “Cheryl’s Mewsings” does a great job at respecting the work of Kunkel while breaking down the inconsistencies of saddling an entire world of written prose with the label “unliterary”. If nothing else, I hope at least one of our readers finds this of interest: http://www.cheryl-morgan.com/?p=2789

Edit:  I must say, I was particularly annoyed with the seeming cop out of lauding several dystopian and apocalyptic works and excusing their inclusion into the literary canon by explaining how one might not consider these “science fiction”.


~ by beankat on 19 December 2008.

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