Nathan Asher and The Infantry

Nathan Asher and the Infantry are coming out with their last album, a live album.  I am really excited, and really bummed to be reminded that it is over.  It is disappointing to never have seen them live.

I listened to Sex without Love so often this past summer that I am sure I drove Cody at least a little crazy.

My favorite song is this one.  Probably just because I found this acoustic video today, most of the time it is Drift Away.

I listen to them a lot when I get homesick. I haven’t made many friends here.  I miss having people to hang out with.  Everyone here is pretty guarded, I never talk to my neighbors and that kind of lifestyle is hard to bridge.  I still don’t get how people interact with one another here, unless they just don’t interact at all. I have the habit of letting myself become a hermit.

Here is another video that I found today of Nathan as MCBigMoney: So good it hurts! “I sleep on the roof so the goblins don’t eat me”  I am sure that most of you wont find it funny, Cody doesn’t but in Katetown it kills! Youtube gold.


I have exiled Cody to Jersey. Unrelated to the rest of this post it was just something that needed to happen.

Also, Damon do I need to alert some sort of emergency responce team? Your absence is felt, and I am begining to worry about you.


~ by beankat on 18 November 2008.

One Response to “Nathan Asher and The Infantry”

  1. No need to worry. I’ve been going through some stuff this month, but I’m still alive. I’m borrowing my M’s laptop to surf the tubes so… forgive me if I don’t make my usual follow-ups asap.

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