Eastern Procession #10

Hello All, and welcome to Episode 10.  This is a bit of a long one, weighing in at just under 30 minutes, but Kate and I have a great conversation about the actions of various demographics in the market place as well as about Sci-Fi reading on the subway.

As mentioned in the episode, here is Get Your War On from just after the election:

Get Your War On: New World Order


~ by beankat on 17 November 2008.

2 Responses to “Eastern Procession #10”

  1. Honestly, that was my favorite podcast so far. Very riveting. It had thrills, chills, AND spills.

    The Kate character is really starting to come into her own.

  2. hey you 2! SO happy to hear your voices! so alive! congrats officer Cody! Kate, I am soo glad that youve decided to choose your major! Alot of the people weve been befriending latley are very interested in anthropology as I was, before transfering to sam. The dominating class sounds very intersting! Ive wanted to continue my education, but with work and the collective book store; it doesnt seem feasable. Hey you know what would be soo awewome! If I could sit in your classes, but the school is closed. I will write yall an email soon, aye! I hope everything is well! so excited about visiting!

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