I Don’t Care, I Don’t Like Starbucks

Avoiding the parcelling of freebies in NYC can be annoying.  The headphone-bubble effect can be a great aid in this.  Most people, even beggars, will not attempt to speak to a person with headphones on.  What’s the point, right?  They won’t hear anyway.

For this reason, I tend to wear my headphones, even when I read, with nothing at all playing.  I keep the bothersome interruptions down to a minimum.  But some are not deterred.  Every morning, as I get off the 1 train, I’m asked if I’ve “had [my] A.M. today?”  No, I have not had my A.M. New York today…or ever.  I don’t want the paper.  It’s a free paper anyway, but they are handed out daily at my terminal.  I politely decline with my outstretched hand.

Then, just seconds later, upon walking into the gates of Columbia, a man and woman approach me and the man asks – without really stopping – if I want a free gift from Starbucks.  I shake my head no.  The woman, sure I have declined because I don’t want a coupon to throw away, says “It’s free $5.”  Obviously, this is wrong.  It is a free $5 Starbucks gift card.  Her face is turned up, perhaps that I wouldn’t have guessed this and jumped at the opportunity to begin with.  But what I say next must have thrown her for a loop.  “No thanks, I don’t like Starbucks.”  She was flummoxed to say the least, and I took a sip of my tasty, made at home, not painfully over-priced cup of the good stuff.



~ by beankat on 12 November 2008.

2 Responses to “I Don’t Care, I Don’t Like Starbucks”

  1. You misspelled ‘wear’ Dixie.

  2. Thats how they try and get you.

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