The Dreaded Norovirus

Wednesday last, I left work a few minutes early with a great discomfort in me gut.  By the time I got home, my stomach cramps were preventing me from standing entirely erect.  By 6:30, I was vomiting and running a fever while freezing with great aches everywhere.  I was layed up the rest of the evening, as well as much of the next day, unable to even turn onto my side, as doing so would induce more vomiting.  Kate took great care of me.

On Friday morning, feeling I might have recovered, I got ready and took Beni down to go to the bathroom.  Kate and begun to feel similar, if to a lesser degree, so I wanted her to sleep.  By the time I made it back to the apartment, I was horribly weak and, though able to eat a bit and much less nauseous, in no state for work.  We spent the day recoperating for the most part until Kate was feeling well enough to work on one of her many papers due this week.

On Saturday, she was back to normal.  I still had stomach cramps, but I was doing all right.  Just taking it easy.  After finishing her first paper and moving a bit to her second, we decided to go to the gym.  I wasn’t quite up to exertion, but I had a brisk mile and a half walk on the treadmill, with Kate running a good 2 miles while maintaining her heart rate like a champ.  Good for her.  Sadly, this push was poorly timed and Kate was sick full force, as I had been on Wednesday, just an hour later.  Her homework came to a screaching halt and she has been pretty much bed ridden since.  Sadly, we had to miss our show last night.

So, long story short, watch out for the norovirus(nearest I can tell, this is what befell us) and there will be no normal podcast this week.  Many apologies.


~ by beankat on 10 November 2008.

3 Responses to “The Dreaded Norovirus”

  1. I am assuming by now you all are feeling better, and I am glad. Damn NY and all its faecally contaminated things! I think to prep for the trip up there we are going to start mixing in faecal matter into our food (and the food of our friends/family just for fun) to get ourselves used to the virus. Take that filth ridden NY!

  2. O yea! Kate, I was looking over some of y’alls old entrys and I stumbled across a hip hop video you had posted. I love Aesop Rock! I was introduced to him a few weeks ago and if you like None Shall Pass you should look up 9 to 5ers Anthem. Its great, but then again a lot of his stuff is. Also, another group you might like is Dead Prez. Some of their songs are Animal Farm and they schools just to name 2. Let me know if you like them.

  3. It is good to be on top of that Rene, the poo is how they get ya.

    I responded about the music via email… I think.

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