Eastern Procession #8

No fuss, no muss.  Eastern Procession #8 is here.



~ by beankat on 27 October 2008.

5 Responses to “Eastern Procession #8”

  1. McCain/Palin signs in most yards in our neighborhood. Other than that I haven’t noticed anything extreme for either party.

  2. Woodlands leaning McCain, not surprised. Thanks Renee

  3. Several points coming at random:
    ~ Someone sounds a little hyper (ZOOOM ZOOOM!) and slow (25th?) tonight.
    ~ No, I did not know of this miraculous fountain pen. I AM interested. Tell me more.
    ~ How can you call a movie “totally good” if you haven’t seen it? And how did you have the discussion already if the movie’s playing tomorrow? Lost me on that one.
    ~ I’m clouding the climate as much as possible by openly mocking family and friends who vote, but to date I haven’t seen many signs or stickers for the red or blue puppets.

  4. So sorry you lost that beautiful black pen that you were so proud of. Good deal kate by replacing it. What is this I have heard that Obama was born in Kenya and was then taken to Hawaii shortly after birth? His mother was to far along with her pregancy to fly so he would be born in the USA so she had him there in Kenya.
    love u 2

  5. Hey you two! I really like the notes on the subway conductor’s heart felt announcement, I hope you weren’t the only one appreciative of his comments. Realizing others apathy has been bothersome lately. So when René and I visit I will probably be very intrigued with ny-er’s behavior. I enjoy the pod cast very much since i have flashbacks of the random conversations we would have. Oh how I look forward to visiting! As far as the question you presented, I see an even amount of signs in peoples neighborhoods, and I’ve only heard very few ads on both candidates. (Although my observations are skewed since I stay in the same neighborhood and don’t watch TV much). let me know how work is going for you, Cody, and how the classes are going for you Kate. I especially curious about you classmates; are they receptive to you? I’m so excited about visiting!!!! (Oh my GRE exam is scheduled for Nov. 29th, not looking forward to it, especially since I haven’t prepared…) any helpful hints

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