A Subway Connection

Still no podcast, and for this I am sorry. With working all day, dinner, gym and other miscellaneous activities, by the time we could sit down to do the podcast, I usually wanna kick back with a book. (BTW, currently reading Strange Pilgrims by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which is excellent).

However, I have just a little something I wished to shared with everyone. The subways, while being a frequently tipped scale between excellent convenience and annoying necessity, can be an impersonal space. It tends to be the case that one does not converse much with strangers on the train. Not to say the occasional good Samaritan doesn’t give up his/her seat for a woman with a toddler, but for the most part the subway is a means. I get on with my headphones on my head, but usually not doing anything, and read my book. It creates a buffer.

This morning was an exception. With the temperature right around 40 degree and everyone bundled, the conductor came on the P.A. to give a heart-felt thank you and goodbye on his last day. With great sincerity and humility, he wished everyone a good life and expressed his honor to have done this job. What could have felt phoned-in was instead moving and I wanted only to thank him as well. But alas, the train must progress and I had to get to my own respective post. To the man I know is not reading, thank you and I hope your life is wonderful as well.


~ by beankat on 23 October 2008.

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