What Defines “Whiteness”?

No, we don’t tackle and leave the beast for dead.  But in this first ever special episode of Eastern Procession, Kate and I discuss the signifiers of whiteness.  I don’t want to spoil too much.  Go and take a listen.

In the show, we mention another little wordpress blog some of you may find of interest.  It may put a couple of our comments into perspective.  Stuff White People Like

Two brief sidenotes: I began my applications for grad school today and Christina and The Mongoose are visiting in December.  Couldn’t be more excited about either!

~ by beankat on 15 October 2008.

One Response to “What Defines “Whiteness”?”

  1. Whatever “whiteness” started off as, I don’t think it has any meaning anymore. It’s sort of a transformed word now, usually derogatory since it is referring to a stereotype, but completely given its meaning by context.

    There isn’t a black or white culture anymore, it’s more about subcultures and the shrinking remains of the past. And I think I’m pointing at something, in a dumbed down way, that Cody was talking about. If you’re black or latino or whatever, it doesn’t mean you’re separated from the rest of us. You may or may not belong to some subculture of people, but, like Cody pointed out, it’s about what people choose.

    And maybe I’m ignorant, but I get sort of offended when people are proud of their race because… it feels exclusive and it seems like people are just breaking themselves off into whatever groups they can find and defining themselves as different from others instead of taking pride as a member of the human race and loving people for individual traits. And that’s why I stopped being a supporter of national pride. Anytime someone says that they’re apart of group A and they’re proud of it, no matter what it is, it can be damaging. Especially if they take it too seriously.

    Star-bellied sneetches have stars upon thars.

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