Kate’s First

I walk five blocks to Lang everyday.  Today, as I reach 6th ave I come upon many trailers lined against the curb for 5 blocks, just trailer after trailer.  Paramount has slowed all traffic on 6th ave to a crawl, and for the first time I don’t hear any New Yorkers complaining about the prospect of being late.  I strike a conversation with a couple of the set guys while everyone else wades through the now narrowed sidewalks. (I know what was being shot on 6th, but wont say here to protect my new friends a Paramount, so if you wanna know, you know what to do…) The grand point I am making here is that while New Yorkers are great people, and I mean genuinely kind, these are people that do not want to be unnecessarily inconvenienced.   Except, when what is inconveniencing them is the mechanism that has created the stigma of romantic mysticism, of extraordinary glamour and rough hard-edged danger.  The cinematic New York is not New York. Although, the reputation that precedes the city is that of a sub-cultured bohemia and celebrity playground has built an ideal New York, that in many ways exists as a ‘C’ity. The iconic skyline, Broadway, Time Square, Madison Ave type of thing.  The ‘C’ity that no one lives in allows us to exist on an awed plane that gives most everyone here an excided jolt whenever someone asks, “So, where are you from?”

~ by beankat on 14 October 2008.

2 Responses to “Kate’s First”

  1. Excellent first post, KitKat

  2. I don’t know why I picture you saying this in a monologue without any color smoking a long cigarette.

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