Too Bad, Taxi-Cab Owners

So, let me bring you up to speed.  While I do not yet know a great deal about Mayor Bloomberg, I do know the specifics on a few things.  Some time this year, he announced the change over of all New York City licensed taxis from gas-hogging Crown Vics (as well as some passenger vans) to fuel-efficient hybrids.  From what I understand, nothing under 25 mpg on city streets.  With stop and go as it is here, this means a good hybrid at that.

I am of course 100% in favor.  Of the change.  The air we breath and the carbon footprint of New York City will both fair better.  The tricky part is that NYC Taxi’s aren’t owned by the city.  They are owned by individual companies, and licensed by the city.  If I knew more, I’d say it, but that is all I have.  Obviously, in a laissez-faire economy, Bloomberg’s edict would be unthinkable.  However, after the passage of the $700 million dollar bailout bill, if you have any remaining notion that we are now, or have ever been, existing within a laissez-faire system, you must tell me what medication keeps you so very divorced from the realm of reality.

But all of that is to say this.  The case of the change-over to hybrids is getting interesting and I found the latest development to be of great interest.  From Gothamist:

The shortage of fuel efficient taxis to fulfill the city’s mandate for a green taxi fleet–cabs purchased after October 1 must get at least 25 miles per gallon— continues. Now the Post finds “although fleet owners are being allowed to buy more of the gas-guzzling Crown Victorias as they battle Bloomberg’s green-taxi rule in court, they’re still in a jam because Ford has already stopped making that model due to the mayor’s edict.” Ha! Overall (not just taxi) demand for fuel-efficient vehicles has spurred the shortage.

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  1. Did you know youtube actually HAS the feature where it lets you hear your comment before you post it?

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