Eastern Procession #7

Howdy Y (apostrophe!) All,

How we doin?  We doin’ good!  Here is episode 7 for you wonderful listeners.  Brian, I am sorry in advance.  Please forgive me in advance! =)

Well, this week we go over my harrasment by the Man, our new furniture, taking the wrong subway, going to a book signing, etc. ad naseum.  That’ll do for show notes and as promised:

Click here for the reading/signing we attended on Wednesday (my question is at the 18min mark).  If the video that comes up isn’t Sarah Vowell, find her and click!

Kate has discovered some rap/hip-hop she likes:

And please enjoy these selections from our “New Apartment on Adrian” photo set.  Click here for the full contents!

…Well, technical difficulties mean the pictures will have to be put up later.  Sorry, up soon, promise!


~ by beankat on 12 October 2008.

One Response to “Eastern Procession #7”

  1. The recording volume was really low, but otherwise a good show. Great story about the cop.

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