Eastern Procession #5

Here is episode number 5.  I dont have much to say in the way of show notes.  However, since we are moving, I thought I might let everyone know the new locale:

p.s. – after try for a bit to get the StreetView picture of our place (Google Maps thinks we are at 20 Adrian), i give up.  You can click StreetView if you are interested.


~ by beankat on 21 September 2008.

4 Responses to “Eastern Procession #5”

  1. Funny, I JUST got back from “Burn After Reading”. I’d call you two about it but… you’re probably asleep by now. Long story short, I agree it was funny as hell.

  2. For some reason every time I listen to ya’lls podcast I get diarrea.
    Seriously though Ike left us with like 5 days without power and a week without school. Today was first day, I think we’re all kind of happy to be back in school. It’s nice to hear you guys are doing ok. You guys are awful to Beni. Poor baby.

  3. I also miss margarita nights and cranium.

  4. hey friends!!! first let me just say that although I am just now updating myself on you 3th podcast, I love it!!!! I like hearing how well it is going for yall, It definately gives me incentive to take the leap of moving to california (with rene!) but in like 2 yrs… anywho i would like to have a better means of communication will you two! so write me to let me know yalls email. I truly do think both of you are awesome, and rene and I are looking forward to visiting soon!!!! rene and i definately miss you guys!!! I can talk to you more by email so you can have the scoop on us!

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