Missing Podcast

Hello Loyal Listeners:

I must apologize for not putting something up sooner, but Kate and I have come down with our first New York City cold.  Perhaps because of the great distance we traveled, it is rather virulent and we are not in the best of spirits.  I told Kate this morning to sit today out, but I went to work, hoping I would make it.  I worked only a half day, however, and came home to sleep.  Now, after a quick dinner, I need to take some more NyQuil and hit the hay.

I’m afraid, due to schedules, this means we will not be posting a podcast this week.  Look for episode 4 next week.



~ by beankat on 8 September 2008.

3 Responses to “Missing Podcast”

  1. We are all sitting here as usual after the meeting, listening to your podcast. We all miss you terribly! My heart is lonely, a void filled not by any other. Travis of course misses you sexually… Cody. This may very well be our last communication due to Ike, in case of this we are all currently choosing a religion. I have chosen FLDS that way I can have 12, 12 year old wives. Travis and Lily have gone Catholic, they will be keeping the child now. We have simply sent the new people to Chi Alpha. Justin and Allison have found the “Nation”, kill whitie. Brittany has chosen Taoism and James and Kevin are Scientologists, mainly in a attempt to butt fuck Tom Cruise. Sara has chosen Kaballa!!!!


  2. ^^^That comment is friggin excellent!^^^^

  3. Awesome

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