Eastern Procession Podcast #3

Hello All,

Sorry about the late episode, but with the heat like it was yesterday, I couldn’t bare to sit in front of the computer without the fan on for 20 minutes.  Sure could use a little rain.  Why don’t y’all send some up?

In this episode (number 3) we talk about Kate’s orientation, my job search, the prospect of our new happenings, and Kate gives us a little “New York is…”  Hope y’all enjoy.

We have not been up to the job of uploading pictures, so here we are in our sleep ruffled state.

And finally, Kate’s class descriptions will have to be posted later.  There are issues with the Lang class descriptions site.  I don’t work for Lang, so I cain’t fix ‘er.

CSims & Kate


~ by beankat on 1 September 2008.

3 Responses to “Eastern Procession Podcast #3”

  1. * What kind of cookie?
    * Why wasn’t I mailed a cookie?
    * Why is Cody’s shirt off?
    * Can I request a copy of your writing sample(s)?
    * There was a mention of a joke at the beginning… where’s the joke?

  2. Well, today is the day. huh! Hope it goes well for the two of you. oh by the way ya’ll really look kinda goofy in the pic. haha just kidding. cody when are you going to fix the webcam problem for mamaw? have a good first day

    love u both

  3. oh my gosh!!! i still so excited for yall! Im soo sorry I havent been listening but Im updating my self on the podcast, kate I will get my info to you asap so I can give both of you the scoop on whats been going on over here… ive got to go cause the laptop battary is dieing… so Ill definatlely get in contact w/ yall soon!!! you guys are awesome!! we miss you!

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