Eastern Procession Podcast #2

Hello All,

Episode two is now up and ready for your podcast listening pleasure.  Just so everyone knows, the below show notes were written pre-recording, so they may not be completely accurate.

As promised in the podcast, you can see the building where I did my call back on Friday and it’s excellent proximity to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  It’s at 25 Washington St., Brooklyn, NY.

Also as promised, here are some highlights from the Dali exhibit at MoMA:

The Bleeding Roses by Salvador Dali
One of Kate’s favorites, The Bleeding Roses by Dali

Autumnal Cannibalism by Dali
One of Cody’s: Autumnal Cannibalism

We both loved “The Little Theatre” & “Babaouo”, but these are multi-layered and can’t be seen online. Also, as Kate said, Destino was great. Here is a thirty-second trailer from the 5-and-a-half minute short:

Show notes
Saw Man On Wire
Cody’s first interview
Mid-Manhattan library
Cody second interview
Saw The French Connection in Central Park
Kate’s shot for school
supposed to have phone interview, but references were unverified
Call back for first interview
Williamsburg for clothes
vegan brunch
Went to MoMA
Cody looked up stuff about Grad school
Explored Manhattan a bit; street cellist; collages in subway; sorry to Damon

~ by beankat on 24 August 2008.

One Response to “Eastern Procession Podcast #2”

  1. I saw a preview for that movie you mentioned seeing at “Gonzo”. River Oaks theater is playing “Man On Wire” right now, as a matter of fact.

    I get the impression during the brief pauses that there’s some sort of pantomime going on behind the scenes. Am I right? Another good episode though, with the exception of the V-word. Hopefully Cody’s saved a little somethin’ somethin’ for tcn.

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