Absolute First Post from New York

Howdy, howdy, howdy,

You may now feast your eyes upon our very first post from NYC.  I know you are all yearning for some updates.  I also know we disappointed and did not get up the first podcast, pre-move.  We have brought shame on ourselves.  However, I do not want to ruin podcast numero uno, now schedule for posting on 17 August 2008 (that’s this Sunday, you giddy little goats).

So here is the very brief and oh-so-skinny:

Day 1 ( 11 August 2008 ) : Traveled somewhere around 400 miles and stayed the night in Pearl, Mississippi.  For dinner, Cracker Barrel.  Then much sleeping.

Day 2 ( My birthday ) : We spent my 22nd birthday driving.  Hooray.  We spent 12 hours on the road (not including stops) and got into a hotel in Roanoke, Virginia.  No worries, we did not go missing at any point (look that up if you don’t get it, ’cause it’s funny!)  We also managed to stop in Birmingham, Alabama and see Vulcan, The Iron Man.  Birmingham is a beautiful city and Kate and I both loved the state on the whole.  We ordered a pizza and again slept.

Day 3 : Bright and early, we started the final leg of the trip.  Roughly 6 hours from Roanoke to NYC.  We made good time until NJ…but more on that later.  We got the truck parked and set ourselves in the hostel.  Went to mid-town and Kate saw her school (pictures to-be-posted).

Day 4 : The joy of apartment hunting.  Again, more on this in the podcast.  Good news, though…we found a room.  Preliminary, three months, in Brooklyn.  Here’s a peak. 

You will notice that our street can be seen on StreetView in Google Maps. If you happen to look (you can do so by clicking on the address), it is the yellow place to the right of the light-blue building.  We are on the top floor, in a back room.  Hooray!

Day 5 : We pulled out of the hostel, grabbed some breakfast, picked up the truck, drove to Brooklyn, moved some stuff into our room and a great portion of it into a storage place.  And now here we are, in our newly set up room, tummies filled with great vegetarian cuisine (delivered for free!) and stinking to high heaven with a day of filth.

I hope I have placated all of you who wish us ill because we could not post our first podcast in a timely-friggin-manner.

Until Sunday,


~ by beankat on 15 August 2008.

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